Sliding Door Wardrobes in Kent

We have one word to describe your Simply Sliding Wardrobe system and that’s FANTASTIC.


Everyone who has seen them have been really impressed.


We were also really pleased with your fitter – he was quick, polite and did a really professional job.


We would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and family.


Many thanks for a job well done.



Mr & Mrs Parks, Welling Kent

Sliding Wardrobes for your New Build property – Don’t compromise now!

There are a lot of new houses being built in the south east of England, more than last year and the government is pushing for more. The demand is there and builders are working flat out, building as quick as they can and trying to make the money go further than ever before as the need for more affordable housing reduces their margins, so they have to make some compromises along the way.


The housing market has a lot of issues to deal with and everyone has an opinion on them, because it effects everybody in different ways. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution and there is no perfect progression for everyone to buy into. We all have choices to make and we all have things we will not compromise on, that’s what makes us who we are.


As a bespoke sliding wardrobe company we design with our customers a solution that suits their requirements and no-one else. A made to measure internal wardrobe design including shelves, drawers, hanging rails and many other accessories to complete YOUR sliding door wardrobe. A perfect balance – not a compromise to put up with.


There are some developers that offer a sliding wardrobe with your new property and you can also purchase additional sliding wardrobes for other rooms in your new build home. We offer a simple question to those of you thinking of buying a sliding wardrobe with your new build home – why compromise?


Have you ever wondered why you only get offered the one shelf one rail builders cupboard? Here’s the real reason: A wardrobe made by fitting doors right across the end of a room or by enclosing two walls of the house and a nib, which forms the end of the cupboard, is not considered furniture and the VAT is recoverable. On opening the doors, the back and inside walls of the house should be visible. Any internal fittings beyond a shelf and a hanging rail are said to turn the cupboard into furniture and therefore the VAT is not recoverable.


We are sure you didn’t get to this point of buying your new build home by saying ‘oh well, it’s convenient and we need something’. We are sure you spent a lot of time looking where to live, researching developers, looking at different house types, weighing up different mortgage options and deciding that there were things that were not up for compromise.


We spend time with you designing how you want your ideal wardrobe to be laid out. Go through the extensive range of colours we have to offer. We manufacture our own sliding doors to the measurements we take in your home. We use our own experienced sliding wardrobes installers to install your made to measure sliding wardrobe. We do not compromise on the quality of our professional sliding door product, the materials we use or the expertise we use on every installation.


Simply Sliding Wardrobes Ltd have a number of customers that have been astute enough to shop around and find a solution with us, and all have commented on the tremendous value for money we have shown relative to the developer.


If you are looking for great value sliding wardrobes for your new home we would like to offer you extensive design experience and customer service second to none.


If you would like to arrange a free, no obligation, designer appointment please call us on 0800 313 4681 or fill out he form on the Book a Designer visit page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.




Sliding Wardrobes for 2016

At Simply Sliding Wardrobes, when we look back at 2015 we see a record number of sliding door wardrobe installations. We also see a record number of returning customers and an ever increasing number of recommendations by our existing customers to their family and friends. This is something we never take for granted and is the basis of our continued success.


While we have been very busy designing and installing made to measure sliding wardrobes, we have also been developing new colours for 2016. We have additional new colour frames for our sliding doors and brand new glass colours to add to our unique and extensive range we already had. Even more choice than ever! Don’t forget we make all our own sliding doors for the wardrobes we install and can create a unique look just for you.

Although we do get great comments on how straight forward and uncomplicated our website is, we will be making more improvements during in 2016. We have already enabled a version of our website for all mobile devices. This includes our Door Designer page which is a very useful visual aid to help decide how you want your sliding door wardrobe to look.


We will shortly be sharing new pictures on our Gallery page of some of the wonderful sliding door wardrobes we installed last year.


The choice in colours has exploded and they will also be showing on our website soon. Your designer will have a full set of all colours at your designer appointment. Our unshaking reliability of our sliding doors and superior quality of our sliding wardrobe installations is what our customers will be looking forward to this year by full time very experienced sliding wardrobe fitters fully employed by Simply Sliding Wardrobes. We always are very careful in providing excellent value for our customers and we do this with no compromise to our sliding wardrobe quality.


We know that as we de-clutter, spring clean, get in shape for the year ahead, change our fashion and inevitably decorate and re-decorate our bedrooms, a sliding door wardrobe form Simply Sliding Wardrobes will better utilise your space and enable a tailored design just for your storage needs.


We look forward to 2016 and meeting all our new customers.


Sliding Wardrobe with multi-panel doors




Simply Sliding Wardrobes – Getting it right for you!

At Simply Sliding Wardrobes we have always tried to maintain a customers perspective on what we do and how we do it. The question is ‘If I was the customer what would I like to happen?’ and ‘How would I like to be treated?’. These questions are never far from our minds and we often have informal discussions on how we can improve our customers experience of us designing and installing their sliding door wardrobes.


Simply Sliding Wardrobes set a high standard of customer service and this has been repaid by the number of repeat customers and recommendations from our customers to their friends and family. This is a great endorsement of our sliding wardrobes and the way we approach our business. Naturally we do not take this for granted and really appreciate how our attention to detail is recognized by the most discerning of individuals.


Individuals are very important. Every one of our made to measure sliding wardrobes is individual, as individual as our customers. We work with our customers to produce the best bespoke interior for their needs, offering ideas and guidance to achieve this. We can keep it simple and we can manage complicated. With our wide range of sliding door colours and finishes we can achieve a very striking contemporary look, a traditional style or a very discrete finish that blends with your bedroom. This can only be achieved through control of our own manufacture and making the sliding doors ourselves.


The high quality of our sliding wardrobe installations are a delight to our customers and the care and consideration shown at installation is frequently commented upon in our Customer Reviews.


We recently designed, manufactured and installed a sliding door wardrobe for a  Mr.Salt in Kent, and he contacted us by email to describe his experience of Simply Sliding Wardrobes,


Its very easy to take to social media when something invariably goes wrong but its equally as important to shout when things go exactly according to plan.


So, we had your fitter pay us a visit last week to install our sliding bedroom wardrobes. He text me the evening before to let me know he would be here the next day and arrived at the time he said he would. No waiting in between 8 and 5. Thank you.
He was polite, courteous, friendly, hard working and above all efficient. If it wasn’t for the noise of the power tools you wouldn’t have known that he was working in the house. He covered everything that might get dusty, put ground sheets down, kept his portable radio volume to a minimum and left the area as clean as when he arrived.


I must say, his attention to detail was good, I mean really good. The intricacies of cutting around coving at an angle that doesn’t make it look like you butchered it, is a bit of an art form and he did it perfectly, his making good was faultless.
It was a pleasure to have him working in my home and I felt you should know.
From consultation to design and installation, a simply excellent job from Simply Sliding Wardrobes. No frills, but no fuss, a great job and all at a competitive rate. Done and dusted (literally) between 8 and 4.30.
Recommend? A simple yes.
Feel free to add to the reviews on your site, please pass on my thanks to your fitter.



Kind regards





We would always recommend getting more than one quotation when embarking on a project. If you would like to arrange a designer appointment and start your Simply Sliding Wardrobe experience call us or fill out the contact form and we will call you.


Sliding Door Wardrobes at the Ideal Home Show

The Ideal Home Show is still on until 30th March with many great ideas and innovations for your home and garden. Prevoking thought for new layouts, styles and technologies that will change how you treat your living space.


Sliding wardrobes are again at the Ideal Home Show which is no surprise because if there is one improvment everyone is looking for is the ability to space save. Whether it is a new technology that will make a gadget smaller or a clever add-on that removes the need for a gadget entirely we all strive to reduce the space we take up and increase the time we have be doing what we want to do not what we have to do.


The Ideal Home Show is now over 100 years old and has seen many innovations over  that time, including the transformation of sliding door wardrobes and all of the interior gadgetry they can contain. The sliding wardrobe certainly ticks the box when it comes to saving floor space in your bedroom, but the key to maximising the capacity of your sliding wardrobe is in the design. Everyone has a different lifestyle and the Ideal Home Show can be said to be a celebration of this, otherwise there would be one of everything and they would all  be the same colour!

In the same way the interior of your sliding wardrobe must to be tailored to your needs and lifestyle – not to a generic, computer analysed, lowest common denominator, same-for-all soloution! You should not settle for anything less.

We work with you to create the optimum solution for your sliding wardrobe storage. Hanging rails, shelving and drawers are all made to measure and are cleverly designed into your sliding wardrobe to go further to improve your storage capacity than you would expect.


We hope you have been inspired by the Ideal Home Show for colours and creativity, and most importantly to address the project you have been putting off for far too long.

Our sliding wardrobes are available in many different colours, so a new look along with newly created space in your bedroom will give you a new perspective on how your day comes together.

If you would like to put the words ‘Ideal’ to your sliding wardrobe and feel that your bedroom is the best room in your ‘Home’, then give us a call we will ‘Show’ you how it can be done.


Sliding wardrobe

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

We design, manufacture and install made to measure sliding door wardrobes throughout the south east.

This includes the interior, made to measure to your requirements and the sliding doors in a wide choice of colours and styles.


We are sometimes asked for just the sliding doors and tracks. Now, while we do not offer a ‘supply only’ service, we are happy to expertly fit just the sliding doors, tracks and a suitable exterior framework if it is needed.

The reasoning behind needing just the sliding doors is quite varied and explain why sliding door wardrobes are extremely popular today and is the first choice for many households given the opportunity starting from an empty space.


Your existing wardrobe may have hinged doors that are old and tired, but the interior is perfectly well constructed and fit for purpose. Then why create more work by taking it all out and replicating the same interior that has served you for years perfectly well – you won’t get an arguement from us! We can create a framework and fit new sliding doors, giving your wardrobe a well earned makeover.


An unfortunate senario is when you move into a new build property and the developer has created the delightful ‘builders cupboard’ – one shelf and one rail behind two oversized hinged doors. Now you have just moved in and when you get your bed in the room you suddenly realise you are dancing around hinged doors trying to get to your clothes – the room looked bigger when you didn’t open the doors! With a little bit of work we can fit the sliding doors within the hinged door framework and give that valuable floor space back.


From our point of view the worst and most disconcerting reason is the failure of an existing sliding door wardrobe because it has been installed badly. No matter how good the system, if the fitter has cut corners or used poor fitting practice or plainly made it up as they went along, we can tell and we don’t like it. It shortens the life expectancy of your sliding wardrobe doors! Here we take a very careful look at the existing wardrobe and take the necessary action to make sure no inherent faults effect your new sliding wardrobe.


Now we may not appear to be as cheap as the ‘supply only’ sliding wardrobe door companies, but our work does not stop at delivering to your front door!

A free measurement and survey, a choice of exclusive sliding door designs and colours, expert installation and a ten year guarantee on the running of you Simply Sliding Wardrobe doors.

Sliding wardrobe doors, white frame and pure white glass


What a Surprise!!

We are always fitting sliding wardrobes in all sorts of different styles of property; from a bungalow on the coast to an apartment in town and all stops in between. This is not unusual and we have the experience to come up with a solution in all cases.

We can keep it simple and just fit the sliding doors to re-vamp your wardrobe, or include a host of accessories as you wish in your made to measure sliding wardrobe. The experience is all here!


Our experience with sliding wardrobes is second to none and we are not fazed by any situation, there have been a couple of occasions when we have been taken a little bit by surprise.

We would say that the majority of our customers are looking to make the most of their space, and for us to design the sliding wardrobe interior to suit our customers needs is second nature, no surprise there.

Quite often the division of space between a couple sharing a sliding door wardrobe is fifty fifty in design and twenty five seventy five in practice. In any case the decision is often shared in layout, and importantly colours. However, when there is a large selection colours for a sliding wardrobe to choose from, men tend to go colour blind and get confused, no surprise there.


The big surprise for us is the customers that have a sliding door wardrobe installed as a surprise for their other half – wow.

Now just imagine that, would you consider coming home to find a new sliding wardrobe in your bedroom a perfect surprise?

Can you imagine your partner doing that?


Yes, absolutely true. We had instructions to not arrive until after their partners had left for work and be finished before they got home.

Hat’s off and full credit to (in these cases) the gentlemen concerned, either very brave or insightful in their choices of colours and layout for their sliding wardrobes.

We know the sliding wardrobe installations were well received. We have returned to one customer to fit another bedroom with sliding wardrobes and we are fitting a sliding wardrobe for a family member of the other customer.


Whichever way you see this surprise, the one thing that can not be denied is the tremendous gift of space and style a sliding door wardrobe can give to your bedroom.

Sliding wardrobe chrome frame

Hot Summer Deals on Sliding Wardrobes

Summer is finally here and it’s hot,hot,hot!!! It is certainly hot fitting sliding door wardrobes, but we are not about to cool down now. We have some hot summer deals on sliding wardrobes to tell you about and chance to get that bedroom sorted in double quick time within your budget.

Firstly, we are fitting sliding wardrobes on a three week lead time at present, so once you make your decision to have your sliding door wardrobe fitted, three weeks later it will be done – and most installations take just one day!

Simply Sliding Wardrobes prices are always extremely competitive and we do not EVER inflate our prices then offer unbelievable 50% discounts. We treat our customers with greater respect and do what we do best; be straight forward in what we do, how we do it and what you can expect from our sliding door wardrobes from design to completion.

Our hot summer deals on sliding wardrobes include 20% discount on our multi-panel doors. Now you may have seen some of the sliding door designs our customers have come up with for their multi-panels doors on our Gallery page, but the key to these doors is the incredible choice. We do not offer one design style of multi-panel sliding door but five, and even we admit that we can do more than five if required. With the large choice of colours and several design styles, we think you can create exactly what you have always looked for in a sliding wardrobe, whether that is elegant or funky. Try out our Door Designer program and play with the frames and colours to see what your sliding wardrobe might look like – it’s really easy to use!

We are also offering as part of our hot summer deals your interior to your sliding wardrobe in the same matching colour as the exterior framework FREE OF CHARGE. This will add continuity of colours and a special luxurious feel to your sliding wardrobe experience. As with all of our fitted sliding wardrobes they are made to measure by us to a design we work through with you.

If you think that our hot summer deals may suit you then WAIT, because over and above any of our hot summer deals we are offering 10% discount on all sliding door wardrobes fitted before the end of September!!

Have a look at what our customers have said about us on the Customer Reviews page then give us a call on 0800 313 4681 or fill in an enquiry form and Book a Designer Visit, which is, of course,  free of charge and with no obligation.

Simply Sliding Wardrobes – an experience!

Everyone here at Simply Sliding wardrobes would like to thank the young man from Mascalls School for his efforts during his work experience week with us.

Alfie showed an excellent attitude to his placement and although sliding wardrobes may not be every young mans most inspiring topic, he was able to see the efforts that are put in day to day in achieving an end product – a customer fully delighted with their fitted sliding door wardrobe.

Alfie was interested in Simply Sliding Wardrobes as a whole and, as he is taking Business Studies at GCSE, it was a good practical exercise in finding out the importance of all aspects of a customer facing business. From taking an initial phonecall or email to completing an installation and receiving payment Alfie was able to appreciate nothing is taken for granted and a good deal of thought is put in to every step so that our customers know exactly what to expect.

Accompanying an experienced sliding wardrobe designer to appointments he was polite and smart, carefully watching as the process of measuring, designing and generating a solution for our customers takes shape. Alfie certainly took on board the necessity for punctuality, presentation, consideration and communication and how they are so important when visiting a customer.

During the week Alfie learnt how to cut glass, not something you get to do at school, which he really enjoyed. He also got to take some part in making some sliding doors and other factory duties in which he showed he showed good initiative and application. Again Alfie was able to see that quality and accuracy matter at every step in the creation of a sliding wardrobe.

We congratulate Alfie on his flexibilty, attitude and application during the past week and hope that he enjoyed the experience of working at Simply Sliding Wardrobes and we wish him all the best for the future.

Sliding wardrobe

Fitted Mirror Wardrobes – a great start!

Sliding mirror wardrobes are a brilliant way to create the illusion of depth in a room. This can be enhanced by painting or utilising a feature wallpaper on a wall adjacent to your sliding wardrobe. It does make a difference on where you walk into a room and your view of your wardrobe. If your sliding wardrobe does not run from wall to wall then choose the wall that it joins for your strong colour and see how the effect adds depth to your bedroom.

Mirror sliding doors are the ultimate in ‘neutral’ and if you are moving into a new home and are unsure of how you want to decorate initially, then mirrors will complement your choice. Your sliding mirror wardrobes when fitted properly will last you many years and numerous changes in decor. A change in paint, paper, curtains, bedding, bed, carpet and lights will happen several times and you will be able to create a different atmosphere in your bedroom, with your sliding mirror wardrobes complementing your style.

One of the most underestimated effects of a floor to ceiling mirror wardrobe is the reflection of light within a bedroom. Natural light in a bedroom for longer is always desirable – it delays the need to shut the curtains and turn on a light. Mirror wardrobes when fitted adjacent to a window can really transform a bedroom with a poor level of natural light.

Fitted sliding mirror wardrobes are a great start to any bedroom and a great future for any bedroom.

sliding mirror wardrobe