Corner Sliding Wardrobes

Corner sliding wardrobes are an interesting challenge not because they are overly difficult but because there is more to consider before you decide that is what you want or need.

Sometimes the shape of a room dictates a corner wardrobe would be ideal, but often the consideration of access, layout, finish and doors also play an important part in making the decision.

We recommend a wall length of 1600mm from the corner outwards in both directions as the minimum requirement for two x two door sliding doors.

In any case there is always restricted access in the corner area, and sometimes having a straight run, removing the restriction can improve your design options and the storage solution for your sliding wardrobe.

From our experience, most customers we have installed corner sliding wardrobes for have selected the same doors on both sides, whether that is a single colour sliding doors, multi-panel sliding doors or mirror sliding doors, rarely have our customers mixed this combination.Five door corner wardrobe