Sliding Wardrobes in Kent

I was unsure what to expect as this is my first sliding wardrobe, but even so I am highly impressed with the quality of goods, service and customer service.


I would definitely recommend Simply Sliding Wardrobes.


The designer gave very clear and practical advice based on the requirements I gave, and the very friendly installer gave me clear advice about the wardrobe at the end and cleaned up after himself.


Miss Goodwin, Gravesend, Kent

Simply Sliding Wardrobes at Hawley Garden Centre

Until earlier this year we had a Sliding Wardrobe display at Hawley Garden Centre.

A big ‘thank you’ to Jan and all of the staff at Hawley Garden Centre for their help and hospitality over the last three years.


At Simply Sliding Wardrobes we know our customers take care and look after their homes, as do the customers of Hawley Garden Centre, which made the decision to put our display at this award winning garden centre very easy.

We always expected a level of interest in our made to measure sliding door wardrobes from the regular customers, and our visiting customers have discovered a great garden centre as well. This has generated more local enquiries for fitted sliding wardrobes and further local recommendations for us.


Our display showed three sliding wardrobes including two with the wardrobe interiors. It was a good opportunity to show what we do and give our customers a chance to see how well our sliding wardrobe doors run, as well as see the quality of our work up close.

We continue to fit sliding door wardrobes throughout Kent and the south east. From design through to installation we create your perfect sliding door wardrobe with you, and keep your requirements at the forefront of our thinking.


Simply Sliding Wardrobes have grown over the last year and the demand for our sliding wardrobes has increased. The choice of colours we have to offer, the quality of our installations, the very well regarded customer service and the great value of our sliding wardrobes all contribute to our recommendations and returning customers.

We have outgrown and moved from our premises in West Kingsdown but continue to keep our prices for our sliding door wardrobes as competitive as ever and we are definitely still designing and installing beautiful sliding door wardrobes in North Kent.

Installation team van

Sliding Wardrobes for your New Build property – Don’t compromise now!

There are a lot of new houses being built in the south east of England, more than last year and the government is pushing for more. The demand is there and builders are working flat out, building as quick as they can and trying to make the money go further than ever before as the need for more affordable housing reduces their margins, so they have to make some compromises along the way.


The housing market has a lot of issues to deal with and everyone has an opinion on them, because it effects everybody in different ways. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution and there is no perfect progression for everyone to buy into. We all have choices to make and we all have things we will not compromise on, that’s what makes us who we are.


As a bespoke sliding wardrobe company we design with our customers a solution that suits their requirements and no-one else. A made to measure internal wardrobe design including shelves, drawers, hanging rails and many other accessories to complete YOUR sliding door wardrobe. A perfect balance – not a compromise to put up with.


There are some developers that offer a sliding wardrobe with your new property and you can also purchase additional sliding wardrobes for other rooms in your new build home. We offer a simple question to those of you thinking of buying a sliding wardrobe with your new build home – why compromise?


Have you ever wondered why you only get offered the one shelf one rail builders cupboard? Here’s the real reason: A wardrobe made by fitting doors right across the end of a room or by enclosing two walls of the house and a nib, which forms the end of the cupboard, is not considered furniture and the VAT is recoverable. On opening the doors, the back and inside walls of the house should be visible. Any internal fittings beyond a shelf and a hanging rail are said to turn the cupboard into furniture and therefore the VAT is not recoverable.


We are sure you didn’t get to this point of buying your new build home by saying ‘oh well, it’s convenient and we need something’. We are sure you spent a lot of time looking where to live, researching developers, looking at different house types, weighing up different mortgage options and deciding that there were things that were not up for compromise.


We spend time with you designing how you want your ideal wardrobe to be laid out. Go through the extensive range of colours we have to offer. We manufacture our own sliding doors to the measurements we take in your home. We use our own experienced sliding wardrobes installers to install your made to measure sliding wardrobe. We do not compromise on the quality of our professional sliding door product, the materials we use or the expertise we use on every installation.


Simply Sliding Wardrobes Ltd have a number of customers that have been astute enough to shop around and find a solution with us, and all have commented on the tremendous value for money we have shown relative to the developer.


If you are looking for great value sliding wardrobes for your new home we would like to offer you extensive design experience and customer service second to none.


If you would like to arrange a free, no obligation, designer appointment please call us on 0800 313 4681 or fill out he form on the Book a Designer visit page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.




Sliding Wardrobes for 2016

At Simply Sliding Wardrobes, when we look back at 2015 we see a record number of sliding door wardrobe installations. We also see a record number of returning customers and an ever increasing number of recommendations by our existing customers to their family and friends. This is something we never take for granted and is the basis of our continued success.


While we have been very busy designing and installing made to measure sliding wardrobes, we have also been developing new colours for 2016. We have additional new colour frames for our sliding doors and brand new glass colours to add to our unique and extensive range we already had. Even more choice than ever! Don’t forget we make all our own sliding doors for the wardrobes we install and can create a unique look just for you.

Although we do get great comments on how straight forward and uncomplicated our website is, we will be making more improvements during in 2016. We have already enabled a version of our website for all mobile devices. This includes our Door Designer page which is a very useful visual aid to help decide how you want your sliding door wardrobe to look.


We will shortly be sharing new pictures on our Gallery page of some of the wonderful sliding door wardrobes we installed last year.


The choice in colours has exploded and they will also be showing on our website soon. Your designer will have a full set of all colours at your designer appointment. Our unshaking reliability of our sliding doors and superior quality of our sliding wardrobe installations is what our customers will be looking forward to this year by full time very experienced sliding wardrobe fitters fully employed by Simply Sliding Wardrobes. We always are very careful in providing excellent value for our customers and we do this with no compromise to our sliding wardrobe quality.


We know that as we de-clutter, spring clean, get in shape for the year ahead, change our fashion and inevitably decorate and re-decorate our bedrooms, a sliding door wardrobe form Simply Sliding Wardrobes will better utilise your space and enable a tailored design just for your storage needs.


We look forward to 2016 and meeting all our new customers.


Sliding Wardrobe with multi-panel doors




Simply Sliding Wardrobes – See our New Display!

Simply Sliding Wardrobes would like to announce that we now have a brand new sliding wardrobe display for you to come and see.


You will be able to see three displays of sliding door wardrobes in a comfortable indoor setting. Two of the sliding wardrobes have complete made to measure interiors.

You can now see the quality and various options you can include in the layout for your sliding wardrobe. Up close and personal with our made to measure drawers, pull out trouser rails, tie racks, tie and belt rails and illuminated wardrobe rails.


However, we are sure you really want to see the sliding wardrobe doors, how smooth they run and how substatial they feel. This has always been important to us and we have always used a premium quality product with the best sliding door wheels and guides available. No compromise.

We have always prided ourselves on good management in order to reduce unnecessary overheads and keep our sliding wardrobes of high quality, wide choice and excellent value to our customers. The displays we have on show will underline this.

We know that every home is different and sliding wardrobes vary dramatically in size, that is why every one of our sliding wardrobes are made to measure, and designed with our customers.


Our prices for a fully fitted sliding door wardrobe is extremely competitive and we do not mind indicating our prices on our website pricing page. This also applies to our displays. There is a pricing breakdown on the sliding wardrobes for you to study, and if you would like to call us before you visit our displays we would be happy to meet you and go through any questions you may have.


The location of the sliding wardrobe displays has been carefully selected. It is the locally renowned and national award winning HAWLEY GARDEN CENTRE.


The address is: Hawley Garden Centre Ltd, Hawley Road, Dartford, Kent. DA2 7RB.

The opening hours are: Monday – Saturday 8am to 6.00pm, Sundays 10am to 4.30pm.

There is plenty of good, free parking.


You will not be able to miss Simply Sliding Wardrobes, but just ask a member of staff to point you in the right direction if you are un-sure. The staff there will NOT be able to help you with any information about Simply Sliding Wardrobes, so please give us a call on 01474 855400 if you have a question.

Apart from coming to see our wonderful sliding wardrobe displays, there are a lot of other things to see and do during your visit. There are often special events being held at Hawley Garden Centre thoughout the year.


When you come to visit us there is a Special Discount Flyer to take away with you. Book your designer visit and have the special discount applied to your quotation to get the very best offer on your Simply Sliding Wardrobes.



Sliding Wardrobes at Grand Designs

This year there were a number of sliding wardrobe companies at Grand Designs Live at Excel London. This is a natural place to get good ideas for your home, whether it is planning for a new build or conversion of an existing property, planning is everthing. At Simply Sliding Wardrobes we are happy to advise our customers at whatever stage they are at in their deisgn process.

Not making allowances for your clothes storage is an oversight that can turn into a big regret and can upset the balance of a bedroom when treated as an afterthought. We are happy to advise on technical issues such as sliding wardrobe dimensions, design suggestions, when to fit a sliding wardrobe and budgetary quotations.

When it comes to sliding wardrobe quotations we believe we can offer the best value for money, made to measure, fully fitted sliding door wardrobe in the south east. That is why we expect you to get quotations for your sliding wardrobe from other companies to compare with ours.

All of our sliding doors are made by us and we have created some very unique designs for our customers, so if you were inspired at Grand Designs Live this year and have a unique design in mind, Simply Sliding Wardrobes may be able to help.

If you have received a quotation from us or from one of our competitors at Grand Designs Live, or you would like us to visit you and work though a quotation in greater detail please give us a call on 0800 313 4681 and we will be happy to help.