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At Simply Sliding Wardrobes we have always tried to maintain a customers perspective on what we do and how we do it. The question is ‘If I was the customer what would I like to happen?’ and ‘How would I like to be treated?’. These questions are never far from our minds and we often have informal discussions on how we can improve our customers experience of us designing and installing their sliding door wardrobes.


Simply Sliding Wardrobes set a high standard of customer service and this has been repaid by the number of repeat customers and recommendations from our customers to their friends and family. This is a great endorsement of our sliding wardrobes and the way we approach our business. Naturally we do not take this for granted and really appreciate how our attention to detail is recognized by the most discerning of individuals.


Individuals are very important. Every one of our made to measure sliding wardrobes is individual, as individual as our customers. We work with our customers to produce the best bespoke interior for their needs, offering ideas and guidance to achieve this. We can keep it simple and we can manage complicated. With our wide range of sliding door colours and finishes we can achieve a very striking contemporary look, a traditional style or a very discrete finish that blends with your bedroom. This can only be achieved through control of our own manufacture and making the sliding doors ourselves.


The high quality of our sliding wardrobe installations are a delight to our customers and the care and consideration shown at installation is frequently commented upon in our Customer Reviews.


We recently designed, manufactured and installed a sliding door wardrobe for a  Mr.Salt in Kent, and he contacted us by email to describe his experience of Simply Sliding Wardrobes,


Its very easy to take to social media when something invariably goes wrong but its equally as important to shout when things go exactly according to plan.


So, we had your fitter pay us a visit last week to install our sliding bedroom wardrobes. He text me the evening before to let me know he would be here the next day and arrived at the time he said he would. No waiting in between 8 and 5. Thank you.
He was polite, courteous, friendly, hard working and above all efficient. If it wasn’t for the noise of the power tools you wouldn’t have known that he was working in the house. He covered everything that might get dusty, put ground sheets down, kept his portable radio volume to a minimum and left the area as clean as when he arrived.


I must say, his attention to detail was good, I mean really good. The intricacies of cutting around coving at an angle that doesn’t make it look like you butchered it, is a bit of an art form and he did it perfectly, his making good was faultless.
It was a pleasure to have him working in my home and I felt you should know.
From consultation to design and installation, a simply excellent job from Simply Sliding Wardrobes. No frills, but no fuss, a great job and all at a competitive rate. Done and dusted (literally) between 8 and 4.30.
Recommend? A simple yes.
Feel free to add to the reviews on your site, please pass on my thanks to your fitter.



Kind regards





We would always recommend getting more than one quotation when embarking on a project. If you would like to arrange a designer appointment and start your Simply Sliding Wardrobe experience call us or fill out the contact form and we will call you.


Sliding Door Wardrobes at the Ideal Home Show

The Ideal Home Show is still on until 30th March with many great ideas and innovations for your home and garden. Prevoking thought for new layouts, styles and technologies that will change how you treat your living space.


Sliding wardrobes are again at the Ideal Home Show which is no surprise because if there is one improvment everyone is looking for is the ability to space save. Whether it is a new technology that will make a gadget smaller or a clever add-on that removes the need for a gadget entirely we all strive to reduce the space we take up and increase the time we have be doing what we want to do not what we have to do.


The Ideal Home Show is now over 100 years old and has seen many innovations over  that time, including the transformation of sliding door wardrobes and all of the interior gadgetry they can contain. The sliding wardrobe certainly ticks the box when it comes to saving floor space in your bedroom, but the key to maximising the capacity of your sliding wardrobe is in the design. Everyone has a different lifestyle and the Ideal Home Show can be said to be a celebration of this, otherwise there would be one of everything and they would all  be the same colour!

In the same way the interior of your sliding wardrobe must to be tailored to your needs and lifestyle – not to a generic, computer analysed, lowest common denominator, same-for-all soloution! You should not settle for anything less.

We work with you to create the optimum solution for your sliding wardrobe storage. Hanging rails, shelving and drawers are all made to measure and are cleverly designed into your sliding wardrobe to go further to improve your storage capacity than you would expect.


We hope you have been inspired by the Ideal Home Show for colours and creativity, and most importantly to address the project you have been putting off for far too long.

Our sliding wardrobes are available in many different colours, so a new look along with newly created space in your bedroom will give you a new perspective on how your day comes together.

If you would like to put the words ‘Ideal’ to your sliding wardrobe and feel that your bedroom is the best room in your ‘Home’, then give us a call we will ‘Show’ you how it can be done.


Sliding wardrobe

Sliding wardrobes – bespoke interiors!

At Simply Sliding Wardrobes we treat our customers as the individuals they are. We tailor the interior of their sliding wardrobe to their individual requirements.

Whether that is regarding hanging rail heights, drawers, shelves or any of our other accessories, we believe we can assist in creating the perfect solution to maximise your storage needs.

We are used to creating the made to measure shelf for your TV to just the right height, or the extra deep drawer because that’s just what YOU want.

For more inspiration and individual consultation with a sliding wardrobe designer please give us a call or fill out our short form to Book a Designer Visit. Don’t forget there is no charge or obligation to this visit.

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